Do I Have Hard Water? If I Do, So What?


You probably have hard water whether you know it or not.  Fortunately, hardness is a rather simple thing to address with a Hague water conditioner.   Whether you have a well or you are a municipal water customer—oh yes, “city water” can be hard too, very hard—a Hague water conditioner or water softener can change your life!  “Really, change my life, c’mon!”  Justifiable skepticism.  Read on—we’re going to change your skin and hair, put potentially tons of 

money in your pockets and cut down your housecleaning.  Perhaps that’s not life changing, but it’s pretty darn nice!

Hard water is like being pregnant—it is or it isn’t, you are or you aren’t!  While there are varying degrees of hardness, at the end of the day your water is either hard or it’s not.   

“So, fine, I have hard water.  Who cares?  What’s the big deal?  Why do I need a water conditioner?” 

Because……hard water is costing you money, hard water is drying out your skin, hard water is shortening the lives of your appliances, hard water is causing scale on your fixtures that you have to clean.  Bottom line:  hard water is a big problem!   People with hard water aren’t cool. 

“So, if I get a water conditioner or water softener my problem is solved?”  Well, not so fast.  Remember the part about being a little bit pregnant?  If you don’t have a HAGUE water softener, then you will still have some hardness in your water—you’ll still have hard water!  Hague’s unique WaterMax® water conditioner design eliminates all hardness so your water is truly soft. 

“Great, so I get a Hague WaterMax®, I have a water softener, now I have soft water, what’s the big deal?”  Well, it depends on you.  There are tremendous benefits of soft water:

  • Soft water saves you money!  Studies say that you can reduce the cost of heating water in your home by as much as 30%, the biggest energy expense in most homes.
  • Soft water keeps on saving! You’ll use up to 75% less soap:  laundry detergent, dish soap, bath soap and shampoo.  How much you save depends on how clean you are!  The cleaner you are the more you save!
  • Soft water—yup—saves you even more!  You’ll use as much as 75% less drink mix—less coffee, less lemonade, less tea, less whatever you mix into your drinking water.
  • Oh, did I mention, MORE SAVINGS?  Clothes last longer, appliances last longer, coffee makers last longer, water heaters last longer!
  • Less maintenance!  Who wants more maintenance and cleaning?  All that scale build up—GONE!  No more harsh cleaners and scrubbing!  Go do something fun instead!  Soft water is more fun!
  • Soft, moist skin!  Nobody wants to spend their days itchy and flaky.  Hardness robs your skin of its natural oils.  Who has ever told you, “Oh my, what wonderfully dry, flaky skin you have!”  Nobody with a Hague water conditioner has ever heard those cruel words!

Get a water conditioner.  Get a water softener.  Save money.  Get a Hague WaterMax®!   Don’t be itchy and flaky!  The Hague WaterMax® comprehensive water conditioning system will put money back in your pocket and keep you from being flaky!  Who wants to be flaky?  Cool people (the ones with soft water) aren’t flaky!  Your life changed!  

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